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Kids In The Kitchen

Children admire the most important people in their lives . . . their family. What is the most popular area in your home that everyone seems to hang out in? The kitchen! Now, I am giving you permission to have some fun, get messy and create a memory. At PleasanTime we love to make play dough. Although we have many recipes, I feel the Kool-aide play dough truly rocks! It's fool proof! I say this because, if anyone who knows me is reading this . . . cooking is certainly not one of my strongest talents. Enjoy!


Kool-Aide Play Dough

5c. flour 4 pkgs Kool-aide (same kind)

1 c. salt 6 Tbsp. cooking oil

2 Tbsp. Alum 4 c. boiling water

Mix all ingredients and knead. If sticky add a little flour. Store in air tight container.

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