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The Power of Sleep

I have embraced the mindset for the past 40 years that “I will have time to sleep when I am dead”. This seemed to work for me since I truly embrace each golden minute of the 24 hours in a day. Well as you age your body does not always give you 100% after maintaining 5-6 hours a sleep in a row. As I pushed ahead to keep deadlines , a mindset of “Wonder Women”, and delegate little & do a lot my body was giving me signs that I choose to disregard. After being run down with a cough for over 6 weeks and seeing the doctor, following all the instructions and still sleeping on the couch propped up to at least sleep a good 3 hours at a time I decided it was time to truly embrace sleep. It was time to listen, delegate and lower the expectations so others could help out. Sometimes it takes a crisis to really realize it is all about you & time to do something before it is too late.

I found an article that truly embraced the mindset of sleep and a study that has proof your body needs rest. Charles W. Brant wrote the article “ Is sleep that important?”. Charles is the co-host of ‘Stuff You Should Know’ podcast . You can find Chuck on twitter @SYSKPodcast and on facebook official stuff you should know page. “Prior to 1951, Scientist thought bedtime was merely shut down mode for both body and mind. It wasn’t until graduate student at the University of Chicago hooked up his son to a brain wave machine d During sleep we learned about rapid eye movement (REM)- sleep periods when the brain speed up its activity. During REM sleep our eyes twitch, our limbs and facial muscles move as we dream.”

I fee

l it is vital to your wellbeing to honor your body by embracing the rest it needs. I do guarantee you will be in a better mood, clearer decision maker and happier person. My suggestion is invest in your daily routines and be mindful of your limitations. At times you may need to say no. Each day is a gift and you have one body to fuel to be the best it can be. You have a huge fan club cheering you on so begin today to be a better you!

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