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5 Ways We Undermine Empathy Development In Children

This article, written by Sara at Happiness Is Here, provided wisdom that empathy is a human quality that is innate in each person. If it is nurtured, it will continue to be part of our being and naturally will be part of our daily interactions with others. Many times my teachers will stand back and listen, place themselves within a small distance and coach as seen fit during a confrontation of two children. This was a great high five as these techniques build empathy. I've always believed that "I am sorry" are just words and I encourage children to ask the other child " what can I do to make you feel better?".

"I felt relieved that forcing an apology is not OK." - Jackie

I appreciated the techniques of open ended questions and showing up without judgement. The children learn by the experiences and when they are in charge and create the wisdom it is theirs to own. I feel this is profound to our future generation.

The final take away we all share as a team at PleasanTime is " Sharing happens naturally". The technique of letting a child know by encouragement. Ask, "when you are done with that can I have it?" The answer is usually "yes" and it's amazing the child playing with the toy usually comes over to the other child and gives the toy up. The beauty of natural consequence and control all within a 5 minute time span. A win-win for everyone.

At PleasanTime we are truly blessed to share so many moments with the children daily. Realizing that our old school ways and simplicity are true character building of empathy.

To read the complete and original article, please click on the image above. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on empathy, judgement, and experiences.

Until next time..... - Jackie

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