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Connections are the Conduit to Relationships

Life gets crazy! Sometimes, the only thing you want to do is curl up on the couch and read a book or watch some television. Relationship building is the last thing you are concerned about. However stressful and tiring, building and maintaining

relationships is a good thing. We have the choice of where to place our energy each day. You can choose to invest it wisely or waste it. You always have the choice. As parents of a 24-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son my husband and I receive compliments on our children’s attitude, work ethic and communication skills. We usually take a quick and relieving breath (may be a sigh of relief . . . yes we did it) and then respond with a grateful “thank you”. Raising great kids takes lots of time, energy and repeat. A lot of our energy is exercised on maintaining the open communication part of the relationship. My husband checks in via text or phone as to what they are doing and with whom to assure safety, accountability and peace of mind. He always sends them a good night text and they respond faithfully. I check in by sending snail mail, yes, a hand written letter with a stamp (when my daughter was away at college and on occasion as she has her own home now). I also check in face to face or on the phone. I will leave a special treat and favorite beverage in their car with a note or inspirational quote for the day.

Growing and maintaining relationships will feed your soul to overflowing. Everyone needs to feel they belong and to be loved. If you do not provide this for your child they will find it somewhere else. Unfortunately, the choice of “somewhere else” may result in heart wrenching consequences.

Having high standards of behavior for your children and standing strong on your family values and beliefs are vital to the next generation. Always remember the role will change as we age. You are the conduit that creates amazing and if you mirror the energy you will see the reflection through your child.

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