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The Importance of Questioning Your Child Care Provider

I was conducting a tour with a new family. The child was playing with the children and the father asked me, “How do you keep the children safe & describe a circumstance when you were challenged with safety and how did you handle this?” This was a

wonderful question and I did take a deep breath and ponder before I answered. My initial mental self-talk was . . . safety is priority #1 and the children in our care are the most precious commodity in a parent’s life and we love them and will always do what is best for their safety - to the best of our ability. As a potential client, he had no idea this was our mindset, the fabric our culture.

After taking a second to gather my thoughts, my response was filled with reassurance that safety is #1 for all children and that the team at PleasanTime Child Care adheres to our mission of Extraordinary Client Service Beyond Expectation. I have a high bar for my team to maintain and I feel they are extraordinary at maintaining those expectations. I continued by describing that the windows are low so all team members are aware of the coming and going of vehicles. The children even know what cars the teachers drive as well as their friends. Every parent is greeted at the entrance and the children stay behind the teacher if they are unsure of the person. Like a safety in football, the teacher will defend at all costs. I also explained that we do all of our subbing from within so the children are comfortable with all teachers.

This is an example of a perfect question to ask when exploring child care options for your child. When you put yourself in the shoes of your child, the questions you ask and the clarity of each answer is key to making the best decision and in the best interest of your child. Starting a relationship built on trust will ease the sense of knowing your child is safe. Each child care center has key components that are based on their brand, mission and culture. Follow your heart and your gut to find the perfect fit for your child.

- Jackie

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