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Obedience: Why Do You Have To Tell Them Five Times?

Read the original article here (click image)

I was forwarded this article from a parent and thought it was perfect as a blog post. I had one of my teachers, who is also a parent, read it and then give her feedback.

"Being a teacher and a parent I think it is always essential to communicate with children. Acknowledge what the are doing. Show them its important to you when you tell them something by getting down on their level and look at them. When you say it, mean it. I think one one on one time is very important for parents and teachers. For parents its great because life can become so busy and making sure you play, read or talk with your child every day, strengthens your bond. For teachers trying to take time to create relationships with each child helps them grow and trust. Remembering to acknowledge when a child is trying to tell us how they feel or what they said but, trying to give a choice with the same outcome. Teaching your child and every child right from wrong is the key too."

(You can read the entire original article by clicking on the photo)

My hope is you will enjoy the Aha! after reading the article. Kendra Crawford, Elmo's Pals & Big Birds Teacher

With Appreciation & Gratitude,


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