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Wiggle Wet Worms

Spring brings new life and after a rain we find Worms. What are worms? Worms are animals. They are invertebrates, which mean they do not have a backbone like you or I do. Worms breathe through their skin. They do not have eyes, but they are sensitive to light and dark and vibrations. They burrow through soil, eating and digesting dirt along with organic matter such as old leaves. This helps keep the soil healthy and rich for plants to grow.

After a rain or during it find an umbrella and go outside with your child and hunt for worms. How many can you count? Are they big or small? How do they move? Bend down to look closely and gently pick it up if you choose. What is the feeling when the worm moves across your hand or onto your fingers? Allow your child to explore with you as you calmly observe the worms movement.

  1. “I love dirt” by Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward created this book to gently introduce parents to nature. Children and parents learn to observe as well as appreciate the basic joys of getting their hands dirty and feet wet. PleasanTime Child Care Center, Inc. has this book in our lending library to be checked out. Check your local library for this book which is filled with 52 activities to help you and your child discover the wonders of nature.

  1. “The Diary of a Worm” by Doreen Coronin

Is a recommendation that I have for a great children’s book that is so much fun to read. Another great find at your local library.

The time you spend with your child is priceless. Carve out time to just be with your child and get wet, wiggle and find some worms. Build experiences and the investment created will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

-- Jackie

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