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A Quiet Family Adventure Awaits You!

Cam-Rock Park is a 422-acre park located between Cambridge and Rockdale. There are three separate use areas with shelter facilities and play areas. The trails are suitable for hiking, cross-country skiing and Cam-Rock area 3 has a single-track mountain bike trail.

Life often becomes busy and overscheduled for all of us. Carve out some time to give your child a rare chance to wonder, think, explore, play and dream. This opportunity gives a child time to study the environment unhurried, with curious eyes, minds and hearts. I am giving you permission to be in the present and truly embrace the moment through the eyes of your child. What sounds do you hear when you walk down the path? How does it feel to kick through the leaves that are brown and crunchy under foot? Do you smell the dew from the rain? Did you see that animal scurry across the path? My hope is you will take time to enjoy the beauty all around our amazing village of Cambridge.

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