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Abstract Thinking and the Success of Your Child

In a world where everything is instant and being "in the moment"

seems impossible, it's important to remember that children need the opportunity to explore their world, touch, see, and smell the things around them.

I'm giving you the permission to savor the moment and to step back and be present. A child learns about the world by having the opportunity to struggle, explore and have the time and space to learn from experience(s). It can be difficult to step back and watch your child struggle or deal with the emotions when your child gets upset when you will not help them achieve a task. Yes, it is easier, quicker, and less stressful to simply do it yourself but you have to ask yourself, "Is this what's best for my child?"

Sometimes life presents us will problems and we become stronger as a result of

learning the hard way. A child learns in the same way. Giving your child the opportunity to problem solve and build abstract thinking is building important charter traits for success in the future.

- Jackie

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