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Ahhh! Just Breathe!

Sometimes life seems so crazy that we take our breathing for granted. There is no shortage of stress and "to do" items that we need to check off our list each day. Here's a trick I learned in my 20+ years of professional child care - Bubbles! What does a child do when they see bubbles? It's as if life stops as they chase the bubbles and become mesmerized in the moment. As adults it's our job to help teach our children "right" and "wrong" however, we can all learn a lot from our children by living in the moment.

I am recommending an amazing book to share, "I Take a DEEEP Breath!" by Sharon Penchina C.Ht and Dr. Stuart Hoffman. A great before bedtime read. Enjoy the time to just be with your child. Life is truly amazing if we can see it through the eyes of a child. Moment by moment.


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